By Jackie Fields
Updated February 17, 2016 10:12 PM

Pamela Anderson isn’t fazed by aging. In fact, the platinum star is looking forward to her golden years, she tells PeopleStyle.

Credit: Fitzroy Barrett/Splash News

Fitzroy Barrett/Splash News

“I’m excited about getting old,” Anderson, 48, says. “I feel like there’s much more freedom in aging and just going with the flow.”

And Anderson is already savoring a taste of that freedom, revealing that the best thing about her forties thus far has been the peace of mind that comes with “knowing who I am and being proud of what I’ve done.”

Pamela Anderson

Courtesy Pamela Anderson and Alexis Vogel

Just because Anderson is content with growing older, it doesn’t mean we will be seeing some major changes to her mane. The star admits she “doesn’t know” if she has gray hair — nor has she contemplated the day when she’ll stop dyeing it platinum.

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However, she is willing make minor tweaks to her makeup routine. With her limited edition vegan and (animal cruelty-free) makeup line, Pamela’s Bombshell Collection, available now (10 percent of proceeds from the line, which she created in collaboration with her makeup artist of over 20 years, Alexis Vogel, go to her animal rights-focused charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation), Anderson says as she gets older “I want to try little tricks to lift your eye or make your lips feel like they look more pouty.”

But however Anderson looks, and whatever age she is, she will always live by these words of wisdom from her mother: “Beauty comes from the inside, and that never ages.”

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–Jackie Fields, with reporting by Elizabeth McNeil