Pamela Anderson Has Dyed Her Own Hair for More Than 25 Years: 'My Mom Taught Me How!'

If you thought being a bombshell was high maintenance, you haven’t met Pamela Anderson. Not only does the star often do her own makeup, she’s been dyeing her own hair for decades, she tells PeopleStyle.


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“I dye my hair myself! I couldn’t imagine sitting in a hair salon for hours,” says Anderson, revealing that her mother taught her how when she was “about 20 years old” after an experiment with Sun-In resulted in the two having to correct a transformation “gone wrong.”

“Sometimes we still do it together,” says Anderson.

The star, who opts for different boxes of hair color, like Garnier, says, “Normally, I’m just walking around at home with a little makeup on from the night before, coloring my hair and making pancakes for my boys.”

Pamela Anderson

Courtesy Pamela Anderson and Alexis Vogel

As for whether the 48-year-old platinum beauty has any grays, she admits she “doesn’t know”— and she’s not about to stop dyeing it to find out. “That’s what’s so funny.”

And it’s unlikely the star will ever go short again, either. Though, she doesn’t regret trying a pixie cut.

“It showed me that I wasn’t just about my hair. I liked it at the time, and I’m glad I did it, but personally I’m most comfortable with my long, blonde hair,” Anderson shares.

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Anderson also feels her best when she’s doing her own makeup. And after years of picking up tips, she in collaboration with her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, have released a limited edition vegan and (animal cruelty-free) makeup line, Pamela’s Bombshell Collection, available now. (Ten percent of proceeds benefitting her animal rights-focused charity, The Pamela Anderson Foundation.) “Sometimes people do your makeup and at the end of the day you don’t even look like yourself. I feel confident that I could do my own makeup and walk on a red carpet, so I am really excited about these products and to share my tricks.”

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–Jackie Fields, with reporting by Elizabeth McNeil

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