Pamela Anderson Fully Wipes Out in Love Magazine's Advent Calendar Blooper Reel

Shooting one of those Love magazine advent calendar videos is no piece of cake, as Pamela Anderson proved when she fell face first into one while filming.

If you thought Pamela Anderson’s video for Love magazine’s advent calendar was the epitome of sexy strangeness, just wait until you feast your eyes on the blooper real, compiled by director Doug Inglish, in which the former Baywatch babe has her cake and definitely eats it too…and slips in it, rolls around it, rubs it on herself, and, well, you get the gist.

Pamela Anderson Love Magazine Advent Calendar Blooper Reel

Doug Inglish/Love

In the behind the scenes footage released by the fashion magazine today, it quickly becomes clear these models may make seduction look easy in all those month-long one-minute videos (which garnered 10 million views over the holidays!), but being this hot can also be a perilous job. Anderson in particular appeared to struggle with her erotic props. While attempting to pose, dance, and writhe lasciviously with an extremely heavy cake, the Playboy star repeatedly slips and falls off tables, eventually giving up completely and ripping off her rockabilly Elvira wig. However, all of her stumbling totally pays off in the end when you can hear the cameraman whisper “Heaven” off-screen while Anderson engages in some full-frontal frosting play. Because surely this is a vision of Shangri-la if ever there were one.

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But Pam wasn’t the only Love advent calendar model who struggled to get her steamy scenes just right. You’ll also get to witness Alessandra Ambrosio getting trapped in her own denim cut-offs, Kendall Jenner trip in heels and a shark suit, and Kris Jenner picking at something in her teeth. If all of that isn’t enough to convince you that this video is undoubtedly worth five minutes of your precious time, know that the entire thing instantaneously becomes worthwhile when Drew Droege playing Chloë Sevigny takes a sip of Chardonnay and purrs, “Wet lip. Sounds like Saskatoon.”

And if you haven’t caught up yet on the month of Love, make sure to check out the rest of the films here.

Who do you think of Pamela Anderson’s cake-covered slip up? Which was your favorite blooper?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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