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We all love Olivia Palermo for her perfectly-tailored outfits (because let’s face it, can anyone else really pull off a a scarf-neck top, high-slit leather skirt, beaded jacket and purple heels?) But it turns out that she’s so much more than a stylish face — she’s also a cultural connoisseur, and proved it in InStyle‘s fashion-themed Fandango Movieclips’ “I Love Movies” video, in which she talks about her favorite fashion film.

Olivia Palermo

Courtesy Fandango

Auntie Mame is really one of my favorites,” Palermo tells PeopleStyle about the 1958 classic. “There’s incredible detail everywhere, from the interiors and switching from seasons and her accessories — whether a hat or an insane piece of jewelry or an amazing cape — everything she puts together is incredible.”

In the clip, she goes on to say Rosalind Russell, who plays the titular free-spirited socialite, is also a source of inspiration for Palermo. “I love the fact that you see a woman on screen who has an incredible presence and an incredible confidence about her,” she shared. “She’s full of life, she has lots of color, she loves style, she really stays true to herself and at the end of the day it’s really about friends and family and in that sense I can really relate to that.”

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So what else inspires Palermo? Roman Holiday, To Catch a Thief and The Holiday also make the cut as her favorite fashion films. (Yes, she loves Cameron Diaz’s soft-sweater-and-coat Holiday wardrobe as much as you do: “I love that kind of warm, cozy feel in the winter that they had in the English countryside,” she says.)

But if she could play any role herself, it’s surprisingly not, say, Andie in The Devil Wears Prada. “I would probably have to say Jack Bauer [from 24]. How could you not? He’s America’s superhero.” (We think you need to make a sequel happen and upgrade that shade selection, Olivia.)

She and her model hubby love watching movies during date nights — when they get a rare night off, that is (you can usually find them at an art gallery in Berlin or a flower show in London). But when they do hit the theater, her go-to outfit is “something that’s easy — Probably leather pants and a chiffon top and an overcoat and either a strong pair of flats or a heel or a bootie.”

And even on those low-key nights, Palermo’s always garnering wardrobe ideas. “I really just get inspirations through my travels, through movies, a fashion book, street style,” she says. “That’s really where I get my inspiration from and not so much on red carpets. But of course if there are outfits on the red carpet that are highlighting designers that I love it’s nice to see.”

What do you love about Palermo’s style? What’s your favorite fashion film? Share in the comments below!

–Colleen Kratofil