Padma Lakshmi Shares Steamy Bikini Photo, Insists There's 'No Retouching Up in Here'

Padma Lakshmi is ready to soak in the summer sun

Padma Lakshmi is owning her natural figure.

On Wednesday, the Top Chef host, 48, shared a sizzling bikini photo on Instagram, noting that the pic was all-natural, with no Photoshop or editing added.

“100°F this weekend. “Perfect.” 😅#noretouchingupinhere#nofacetuneeither,” Lakshmi captioned the photo of herself in East Hampton, New York readying for the upcoming heat wave hitting the East Coast this weekend.

Followers that commented on the picture commended Lakshmi for owning her natural body to her over 500K Instagram followers.

“Thanks for not retouching! And you look awesome,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “If I had a daughter of social media age, I’d make following you compulsory. This is exactly what girls need to see.”

As of late, the Bravo star has been open about feeling more comfortable than ever with her body. In celebration of her 48th birthday last September, she shared a bikini photo and mused on how her attitude about her body has changed as she’s gotten older.

“It takes time to develop as a person,” she wrote. “Sometimes in the entertainment industry I don’t think we give women that chance. Men become distinguished and women become ‘old news.’ ”

Lakshmi added, “In truth, I feel better about my body now, even after breastfeeding, gravity, etc. than I did in my 20’s. I’m not riddled with insecurity as I was. I eat well and bust my butt in the gym.”

Padma Lakshmi/Instagram

She also shared that in addition to feeling less insecure about her body, as she’s gotten older she’s “learned to be thankful” for what she has rather than what she doesn’t.

When Lakshmi chatted with PEOPLE in March, she credited her appearance to her well-balanced diet.

“I think the reason people don’t believe I am the age that I am is because I always ate well in my 20s,” she said. “What you eat shows up on your skin, on your hair, on your nail [and] on the whites of your eyes. And people don’t realize that!”

Plus, she said she never was out in the sun without plenty of sunscreen.

“I really didn’t take sun or at least not without a lot of sunblock,” she said. “And I eat 50 percent fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables of all colors. That really, really, makes a difference.”

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