Outlander's Sam Heughan: The Worst Thing About Wearing a Kilt Is Exactly What You Think

Plus, find out how he relates to his character's style

Scottish actor Sam Heughan may play red-headed heartthrob Jamie Fraser on the hit time-period show, Outlander, but fans of the time-traveling romance, which debuted its second season Saturday, might be surprised to know that his character’s famous mane is thanks to some help from movie magic.

Outlander star Sam Heughan style and grooming tips

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“I’m a bit of a dirty blond,” Heughan revealed to PeopleStyle at a meet and greet at the Barbour showroom during New York Tartan Week. “Yeah, it’s been dyed and it’s washing out a bit, but yeah, I’m a blondie. My beard is even [blond]. I wish I had blond [hair] again. Everything goes with blond. You can wear it with any color, and it’s great.”

But as long as he’s a Fraser, he’s keeping his now-signature color — the actor says he dyes his hair bright red about every two episodes to keep the color fresh, and when he’s not filming, Heughan says his hair maintenance tends to be pretty simple upkeep, including Hollywood’s most controversial men’s hairstyle: the man bun.

“Well, it’s pretty much however it looks in the morning with some good [styling] products, which makes it look a little bit more manageable,” he says, adding that he’ll rock a man bun when necessary (see here, here and here). “I love a man bun. I think it’s become quite fashionable, hasn’t it? A lot of men love it,” he says. “You need a beard so it’s all quite slick and you tie it back so it’s all well-manicured. But no, I think I’m very practical when it comes to the man bun.”

Practical is one thing, but does he enjoy having his Highlander hair? He answers diplomatically: “I’m looking forward to losing the long locks at some point. But it’s been fun, and I do enjoy it.” (Wait, is Jamie shaving his hair?! “Umm, no. You’re good. But no, it doesn’t,” he quickly responded.)

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Heughan may not share his character’s affinity for a flowing mane, but he does appreciate his sense of style. “You know, he’s very practical. In season two, you obviously see a completely different side of [Jamie] — very done-up and in these beautiful costumes. But that’s because he’s playing someone else,” Heughan tells PeopleStyle. “In Scotland, he’s very practical. And to be honest, it’s one of those countries where … we have like five seasons in one day. It could rain, it could be sunny — layering is the key.”

Not to mention, learning to love a kilt. “Honestly, there’s so many great benefits of wearing a kilt: It’s very free, it’s got its own aeration and they’re very comfortable,” he says, grinning. “But the best part, for me, honestly, is the swing. You know, the pleats you get in the kilt. I love the swing you get when you walk in it.”

There is one major drawback, though: “When you sit down on the wet grass and you forget to do the little flick — it’s your bare ass on the ground! Oh, it’s horrible.”

So does that mean Jamie is a boxer or briefs type of guy? “I mean, I don’t think I need to answer that,” Heughan says, laughing. “Jamie is neither, but I think we’ve seen that in the TV show.”

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Off-set, he keeps things even more casual.

“I tend to wear kind of a [relaxed] style when I’m not [filming], so jeans, boots, a nice jacket — I have some Barbour jackets at home,” he says. “Especially at home in Scotland, you can roll out of bed and when you’re shooting, you get up and get dressed, get in the car, you get to work and you get undressed. So you get very little time wearing your own clothes. So it’s like, whatever’s easy. And [Barbour] is the best kind of wear for outdoors in Scotland.”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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