By Joyce
June 29, 2007 10:16 PM

Photo:courtesy, famous for its affordable celebrity-inspired fashions, has just launched a luxe line that already has us drooling.

Did you know that famous flyer Amelia Earhart was also quite the fashionista?

Good news for beach bums. Reading a racy or thrilling novel can help you burn more calories!

Pumps and flats — in one! Sheilas’ convertible heels were created to keep women drivers safer, but they’re also pretty chic.

Sienna and Savannah Miller’s Twenty8Twelve clothing line launches July 26th in New York.

Usually simple in style, J.Crew throws a curve ball with these fantastic glitter T-strap heels.

For those with rapidly expanding bellies, has put together great round up of mom-to-be fashion tips.

Bellasugar gives China Glaze — an eggshell blue nail polish named For Audrey in honor of Breakfast At Tiffany’s — a test run .

Sadly, fashion leader Liz Claiborne passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. Papierblog Fashion Blog pays tribute to her courage and strength.