By Joyce
Updated October 06, 2007 09:00 PM


Known for taking photos (like this one in Paris) of stylish fashion fans, The Satorialist suddenly finds himself on the other side of the Fashionista‘s camera during Paris Fashion Week.

I Heart That‘s latest round-up of “When Celebs Wear Runaway Looks” includes A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchett.

Dove continues with their real women beauty campaign, with a commercial featuring the tagline, “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.” Check out the video at

Is that really Clay Aiken? Go Fug Yourself features a picture of him at a Unicef event and we barely recognized him.

Gloves aren’t just for warmth, but for style too! Check out FabSugar and ShopStyle‘s top picks for making a fashion statement.

Beauty companies are getting called out for false advertising. BellaSugar says that Rimmel is the latest target for not being able to prove Kate Moss is wearing false lashes in their mascara ads.

Want your baby to look like Donald Trump? The UncoolHunter shows off the latest in baby toupees.

Who What Wear Daily features Forever 21’s new sophisticated line, Twelve x Twelve.

Shoewawa loves Reef “Stash” sandals that have a hidden compartment where you can store small items like keys or money.