By Joyce
Updated September 28, 2007 10:30 PM

KC Bailey/courtesy The CW

The hot new show Gossip Girl has many people talking, especially about the stylish outfits the cast wears. Thankfully, the Gossip Girl clothing and accessory store is now open for online business.

Steven Meisel’s Italian Vogue “Make Love, Not War” fashion spread featuring male models depicting U.S. soldiers is creating a lot of controversy. Some say its fabulous art, others find it disrespectful and tasteless. Jezebel asks: What’s your take on it?

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, spas and salons around the U.S. will be charging only $31 for certain treatments. You can save up to 90%. Via bellasugar.

During Milan Fashion Week, No.l.ita clothing brand debuted a billboard featuring a 68 lb woman with the words “No Anorexia.” Styledash explains they are hoping that this will open people’s eyes to curb this eating disorder.

Legendary designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld is shooting a spread for –- gasp!— Playboy France. Will the models be wearing Chanel No. 5 at least?

The latest in plastic surgery? SheFinds writes that women are now de-veining their hands for a more youthful appearance.

Long dominated by men, it looks like women are taking over lead roles at major fashion houses.