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The Showdown: Reese Witherspoon in 2007 vs. Zoë Saldana in 2010
The Editor’s Pick: Zoë Saldana
Who Made the Call?: Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director
Why She Chose It:
Before I launch into all the reasons why I picked one of the most polarizing gowns to ever hit the red carpet, I need to confess that I changed my mind like seven times before I finally made peace with my decision. And by “made peace” I mean that I was about to miss my deadline so I was forced to choose one and move on.

What made it such a tough call is that I think Reese’s deep amethyst gown, designed by Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci, is the best thing she’s ever worn. The actress collaborated with Theyskens to create “something really fitted through the bust and hips,” the designer told PEOPLE back in 2007. The two worked out the details by phone (she was in Los Angeles and he was in Paris), with the help of sketches Theyskens sent to her. And here’s another fun fact: He had two mannequins with the actress’s petite proportions custom made. Two, because he actually made two dresses for Reese in case she changed her mind the day of the Oscars.

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She (wisely) chose the bustier gown with a cascade of ruffles that faded in color from dark eggplant to pale lilac. Reese’s makeup artist Molly Stern told PEOPLE the decision was an easy one. “She said that it was the most beautiful dress she felt she’s ever worn.”

So what can trump 40 meters of purple silk jacquard from Switzerland constructed into a show-stopper just for Reese? Another purple ombré gown. Zoë Saldana’s Givenchy Couture (made by Riccardo Tisci) was straight off the runway and featured everything: sparkles, ruffles (upon ruffles) and a stunning color gradation. For some, the bold design catapulted Zoe to the top of the best dressed list. For others, it was a high-fashion disaster (many compared the ruffles to heads of cabbage). I loved that she took such a big risk at such a major event. She knew the dress would be polarizing, but she wore it anyway and because of her style cojones I’m giving her my vote.

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