By jsoper07
Updated February 10, 2014 07:05 PM

Koki Nagahama/Getty

The Showdown: Mila Kunis in 2011 vs. Natalie Portman in 2009
The Editor’s Pick: Mila Kunis
Who Made the Call?: Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman
Why She Chose It:
It’s Black Swan: Redux! Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are going head-to-head and only one can come out on top! OK, fine, it’s slightly different. No tutus, no crazy and nobody dies at the end of this competition.

Anyhow, back to the showdown at hand: This is probably Natalie’s personal best on the red carpet. The sweetheart neckline of her Rodarte gown is really flattering, the color and jeweled accents on the bodice are fun, but don’t cross the border into Pageant Town (though they come close) and the fit is just perfect. But Natalie’s personal best isn’t enough to beat Mila in her Elie Saab creation.

That lavender color! That gauzy ethereal skirt! That train! That simple belt to accentuate her tiny waist! But let’s get to the real reason I’m enamored of the gown: THAT CLEAVAGE. Mila’s boobs have never looked so good. The peekaboo lace (which looks like a sexy bra showing, but in a totally classy way) is so gorgeous, it made me want to throw out every non-lace bra I own and always wear mine peeking out from under a shirt (at least around my apartment).

I don’t know if I’m ready to say this Elie Saab is the best Oscars gown from the past 10 years (there’s some stiff competition in that bracket), but in the battle between Mila and Natalie, the obvious winner is Mila and her, uh, golden globes.

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