Oscars Gown Showdown: Anne Hathaway vs. Michelle Williams -- Pick Your Favorite!

  • The Showdown:Anne Hathaway in 2009 vs. Michelle Williams in 2006
  • The Editor’s Pick: Anne Hathaway
  • Who Made the Call?: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor
  • Why She Chose It:

I’ll admit it: I’m feeling pretty cocky right now, because I picked both Anne and Michelle in previous rounds. That being said, this decision was nearly impossible. Picture me sitting at my desk making this exact face for over an hour. I feel like I’m the Academy, and I’m about to deny one of these gorgeous women an Oscar. It’s been rough. But I also want to preserve my winning record, so I have to go with my gut and pick Anne.

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Anne’s look screams glamour. Her pearly iridescent Armani Privé gown with the circular paillettes and Swarovski crystal detailing on the bodice gives nods to Old Hollywood, while still maintaining an ageless elegance. This is a gown that will never feel out of style or dated. I think we’ll still be talking about it 10 years from now, with the same admiration. It will never lose its awe. (Anne, if you’re reading this and you want to bring it back for this year’s show, we won’t judge. Promise.)

On the other end of the spectrum, Michelle’s marigold Vera Wang stuns with its vibrant color and ruffle neckline. Gorgeous, but it just doesn’t feel as strong in comparison to Anne’s timeless design.

Hey, I’d be more than happy to wear Michelle’s dress. But if I opened my mailbox the day before the Oscars and an invite to the show was in there along with both of these gowns, first, I’d chew out the delivery guy for cramming designer couture in a tiny Brooklyn mailbox. But then I’d reach for the Armani Privé and book my ticket to LAX.

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