By StyleWatch
Updated January 15, 2009 10:18 PM

Soul Brother/FilmMagic; Joe Corrigan/Getty

Oscar de la Renta dressed both Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush for inaugural gowns, but with mums the word on who will be dressing the ever-stylish Michelle Obama for the big night, the revered designer sat down to chat with Barbara Walters on Sirius Radio to discuss the looks that he has created for Secretary of State-designate Clinton. De la Renta says she will be “wearing a very, very beautiful dress…pink and grey with this beautiful embroidery.” Oscar continues on to say that he “love[s] Hillary,” but they do fight about her revealing more skin. “You know, Hillary, in a sense, is sort of very prudish about the type of clothes she likes to wear and you know from the waist up she really looks great. She feels very uncomfortable about wearing revealing kind[s] of clothes, and so we are always fighting about the neckline. I do remember one time, we were at a party at the Metropolitan Museum and she was wearing, for the first time, something very, very open and then all of sudden she arrived with a big, huge shawl over her shoulder. And I kept pulling the shawl down, and [she] kept pulling it up because she felt uncomfortable about showing her shoulders.” In addition to her gown, Oscar also created a royal blue day look for Clinton. As for Michelle Obama, the designer has nothing but praise for her. “I think Michelle Obama is a woman of the 21st century and she’s a very good looking lady. I think she’s going to be an extraordinary first lady, you know.”

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