See the actor's bright new look
Source: Orlando Bloom/Instagram
Credit: Source: Orlando Bloom/Instagram

There’s a brand new blond bombshell in Hollywood — and his name is Orlando Bloom. The actor showed off his brand new, super bright look on Instagram, and he even included a hot pink motorcycle in the unveiling.

In his first shot since announcing that he “caved” and finally opened his Instagram account to the public, Bloom reveals his platinum blond hair, writing, “back to blond… rolling to set…” The actor pairs his new hue — and pink bike — with a contrasting navy suit, a crisp white shirt, and navy shoes, letting his hair steal the show.

But while we’ve definitely seen him with this bright during his Lord of the Rings days, that was a (magnificent) wig; this look seems to be the same length as his natural locks, meaning it might be the real deal this time for his upcoming film, Smart Chase: Fire and Earth.

Another exciting reveal since his account became public? A video of him and girlfriend Katy Perry cruising on Segways at Burning Man, possibly making their relationship social media official.

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