Will their friendship endure the #circusnecklace spat of 2016?

It takes a special kind of friendship to be able to be brutally honest with one another. And after over 30 years of being BFFs, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have definitely reached that special milestone. In fact, Oprah openly gives Gayle her uncensored opinions on her fashion and beauty looks. And the latest Oprah quip might have just started the most epic fight of their friendship.

The CBS This Morning anchor wore a plain, emerald top on Tuesday and accessorized it with a blingy, oversize bib-style necklace — and let’s just say it did its job as being an eye-catching piece.

Gayle explained in her Instagram photo that Oprah sent a note to Gayle’s assistant this morning saying: “plz tell Gayle I’m on treadmill & it’s hard to focus w/the circus around your neck.”

And like any true friends would do, they’re now fighting about it. Gayle responded by writing, “I think she’s WRONG thoughts?”

Before you give your opinion on the fight that may end the greatest friendship of the 21st century, Oprah is known for looking out for (and supporting her BFF’s show) by being a diligent viewer and critic. A year ago, Gayle posted a very similar Instagram explaining the story behind a time Oprah called out the lipstick she wore on air.

After spotting the bright shade, Oprah called up Gayle to say her makeup artist made her lips “waaaay too red.”

Gayle’s response? “I did that MYSELF” Dead silence on the line … Hello ??hello?…”

Here’s holding out hope that their friendship will remain rock-solid. If it can out-live #lipstickgate, it can certainly stand up against this #circusnecklace spat.

But tell us what you think of the necklace in the comments below.