Opening Ceremony's Y/Project detachable jeans are starting a new denim trend

By Mahita Gajanan
May 23, 2017 05:45 PM

Stacked jeans

The days of turning pants into shorts with one swift yank are back with new detachable jeans from Opening Ceremony.

Promising to quickly take you from covered legs to denim short-shorts, the Y/Project jeans are the latest in a line of denim trends that have raised questions among consumers. With cutouts at the top of each leg, the jeans leave an opening for the wearer’s thighs and look like shorts with attachments.

The pants cost $425 or $460, depending on the color. Y/Project also offers a range of cut-out clothing items, including detachable suit trousers, detachable jumpsuits and cropped shirts.

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On Twitter, users questioned the comfort and price of the pants.

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Opening Ceremony said the $425 acid washed jeans were out of stock on its website.

What do you think of these jeans?