This might be the most stripped down we've seen the reality star to date

May 17, 2016 01:12 PM

People are always up in arms anytime Kim Kardashian West decides to post a nude selfie or two to her Instagram, clearly operating under the misapprehension that she cares what anybody thinks about her naked. As she so succinctly put it when accepting the first-ever “Break the Internet” Webby Awards on Monday night, “Nude selfies until I die.” But while Kim has no problem baring her flesh for her followers on the regular, while attending the award ceremony she was in fact more naked than we’ve ever seen her before, revealing on Snapchat that she was wearing no false lashes, no lipstick, and not even a single hair extension. In other words, a look so laid back it was basically PJs, and which Kim wore straight to bed on a very different type of PJ, jumping on a red eye flight to Cannes.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In Kardashian speak, going without half of your standard beauty routine is Kim practically admitting she took a quick Game of Thrones-style shame walk around Manhattan. After all, this is the woman who travels nowhere without a glam squad, loves a blonde wig moment more than anything, and taught the world how to contour their bodies into bronzed and highlighted oblivion. However, despite the unexpectedness, the social media star’s relaxed, beachy look worked perfectly with the aesthetic of her Vivienne Westwood gown playing off of the dress’s loose construction and easy vibe.

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Could the reality star be turning over a whole new, super chill, dressed-down leaf? Possibly, but more likely is she wanted something she could wear straight onto her private plane and hop into bed without the use of so much as a wet-wipe. After all, a girl’s got to save all those truly major glam moments for her big Cannes Film Festival red carpet debut and all those multi-million dollar diamonds.

What do you think of the low-key look Kim wore to accept her award? 

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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