The Olympic Pool Dyed Ryan Lochte's Ice Blue Hair Green

The swimmer forgot the cardinal rule of chlorine

Ryan Lochte - Style
Photo: Jean Catuffe/Getty

We all have fond, nostalgic memories of those childhood summers where more of our time was spent splashing around in a body of water than languishing outside of it. However, as any pool-obsessed child will tell you, chlorine can wreak some serious havoc on your hair. We’re not just talking about that sticky, chemical coating on your strands, but also perfect sun-bleached locks turning a slimy green hue.

But clearly, despite being an Olympic swimmer who has spent the majority of his life submerged in the stuff, Ryan Lochte appears to have forgotten this cardinal rule of chlorine. The results of which can currently be seen atop his pastel green-tinted head.

You may remember that prior to the start of the Rio games, Lochte decided to switch up his look and dye his usually brown do a super light shade of blue, channeling a touch of Anderson Cooper. While a new hair aesthetic is a fun way to psych yourself up for the big competition, the gold medal winner clearly didn’t think too far ahead about his color of choice and certain chemical-based interactions that might take place once he set foot in the Olympic pool.

It appears as though over the course of the first few days of the game, Lochte’s frosty shade of blue has slowly morphed into a mossy, seaweed green.

Thankfully, it’s nothing a few cans of tomato juice shouldn’t take care of, getting Lochte back to his silver fox ways in no time flat. But now that Ryan’s given us a preview of what he would look like with full-blown mermaid-hued hair, Channing Tatum better hope he doesn’t steal his Splash remake away from him.

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