Alex Morgan and Lolo Jones DO:MORE by paddle boarding and bobsledding in their first-ever ads for the company

By Kate Hogan
March 11, 2013 04:00 PM

Olympians Alex Morgan and Lolo Jones know what it’s like to really sweat. Whether they’re on the soccer field (Morgan), on the track (Jones) or on the medal stand, they’ve had their fair share of adrenaline-pumping moments. So it makes sense that the two athletes are teaming with Degree for the brand’s new DO:MORE campaign, which encourages women to challenge themselves and push the limits of their daily lives.

So how do Jones and Morgan exemplify this, other than, you know, already pushing themselves to kick butt in London this past summer? If you can believe it, both are seriously involved with second sports, and demonstrate their versatile skill sets in these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos (below) from the upcoming campaign.

Courtesy Degree

“When you are going after a goal and you fail, you have two options: quit and give up or do more,” Jones (above) tells PEOPLE. “After London I was devastated that I came so close to a medal, but instead of quitting I decided to try out for the bobsled team.” Her perseverance paid off: In January, she helped team U.S.A. win gold at the bobsled world championships in Switzerland.

Courtesy Degree

Morgan (above), who says she’s “always looking to push [her] limits,” has a passion for paddle boarding, as evidenced in her half of the campaign. “I love challenging myself and trying new things, and that’s what this campaign is all about,” she tells PEOPLE.

However, the women do have softer sides, too: Though both admit they were tomboys growing up, they find themselves experimenting with makeup nowadays.

“I don’t spend hours in a mirror, but I make sure that I look nice because when I feel like I look good, I have more confidence and I think that confidence transfers and helps your performance,” Jones says, adding that playing with makeup gave her “a break” from her athletic look growing up.

Morgan, who generally skips makeup on the soccer field (it’s “90 minutes of nonstop running, slide-tackling and sweating,” she points out), keeps it simple when she’s off the field, too. “I can’t go without sunscreen, my pink Mueller M Wrap headband and some mascara,” she reveals. “It is fun to get dressed up for an event and get my makeup done, but I feel most comfortable in my sweats.”

Look for Jones and Morgan’s ads on TV and online this month.

–Kate Hogan