Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas Shares Her Beauty Routine (and Yep, It's Pure Gold)

Ahead of the Rio Olympics, the reigning champ shares her go-to hair, skin-care and makeup routine.

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas knows a little something about balance, as anyone who has seen one of her gymanstics routines can attest. Turns out, she’s a big fan of it in her beauty routine too. Below she shares her daily regimen and her favorite indulgences.

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Her beauty philosophy is one we can get behind: “Less is more,” says Douglas, who attributes her minimalist approach to being comfortable in her own skin. “My mom taught me to love your inner strengths and don’t be somebody who you are not. Always embrace you and embrace your beauty.”

Her morning routine is super-streamlined: From the moment her alarm clock goes off at 7:30 a.m., Douglas has 30 minutes to get to the gym, so her beauty regimen is super-quick: “I wash my face, and then I apply moisturizer and sunscreen,” says Douglas, who occasionally adds in an exfoliation step “to prevent my pores from clogging.”

But she makes time for a little makeup: Even though Douglas is heading to practice, she still wants to look her best. “I don’t do a full face of makeup, but I do put on a little powder, and a pink/nude shade of lip gloss that looks really good on my skin tone.”

Her hair accessory game is strong: Douglas doesn’t know how many hair ties and clips she has on hand at any one time, but “I have a lot of them sitting in my bag,” she admits. The athlete goes through so many that having an arsenal at all times is a must.

Her post-practice beauty mantra focuses on the art of relaxation: First up for the gymnast after hours of training? A long shower, says the spokeswoman for Gillette Venus Swirl, who saves her primping for the evening time. “When I come home, I’m like, ‘Oof! I need to shave!’ So I take a shower, put on comfy clothes and lounge,” she says.

She’s a big fan of getting pampered: Douglas loves a good massage — and a mani/pedi with staying power. “I am a nail girl,” says the Olympian, who lets her mood dictate what polish color she chooses, but always gets gels “because regular polish chips right off of my nails.” (And in case you’re wondering, she hasn’t picked out her Olympic mani/pedi colors just yet.)

And she borrows from her practice look when prepping for a night out with the girls: When training, Douglas keeps her hair in a loose, messy bun (as opposed to her competition ponies, which do not budge, she says) — and for an evening out, she sweeps her hair up into the same style, “because I think messy buns are so cute, to be honest.” Douglas also sticks to her one-two punch of powder and gloss “because when I have that on, I feel good. And I say if you’re feeling it, go with that!”

Is your beauty routine as low-key as Gabby’s? Share below!

–Jackie Fields

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