The actress is the latest celeb to show she stands with those groups who might feel unsafe in America right now

Credit: Olivia Wilde/Instagram

As we explained last week, the common household safety pin isn’t just for baby’s diapers or fixing up a rip in a pinch anymore. Much as it did after Brexit, the metal fastener has taken on a whole new meaning, intended as a sartorial sign of solidarity with those minorities, women, and Muslims who might be feeling unsafe during these tumultuous times. The safety pin is meant to represent the wearer’s allegiance to protecting those groups who might feel marginalized. And now actress Olivia Wilde is the latest to join the ranks of celebrities making it loud and clear that they stand with those against xenophobia, racism, sexism and ableism.

In a selfie posted to her account on Monday, the actress pledged her dedication to working against the type of hateful rhetoric that has become the norm in our country’s political system wearing a t-shirt with the neck and sleeves covered in small black safety pins. Though many detractors of the movement have pointed out that this is more of a form of armchair advocacy, a token towards tolerance rather than taking real concrete action, others have said that declaring yourself as an ally to those in need is important no matter the form it takes.

And Wilde wasn’t the only celeb who decided to don the safety pin as a statement against some of the more insular ideas of the Trump presidency.

The West Wing actress Mary McCormack donned a small silver one encouraging her followers to follow suit, “to tell all immigrants, people of color, women, people with disabilities and LGBTQ they’re safe with us.”

Likewise Dane DeHaan took a selfie wearing his letting his fans know, “I love you all.”

And T.R. Knight gave his a little extra flare with a yellow cap for, “anyone threatened by hate and fear.”

And Patrick Stewart also joined in the movement, fastening a silver safety pin to the lapel of his black overcoat for a stern selfie that perfectly sums up the actors serious commitment to protecting the disenfranchised.

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