Olivia Wilde Ties Liam Neeson's Shoes, Instantly Becomes a Meme

The actress shared an image of her helping Neeson out in honor of his birthday

Neeson and Wilde begin filming in Rome

When you see celebrities swanning down the red carpet or posing for some surreal, high fashion glossy editorials, it can be easy to forget that these picture perfect people are in fact just that, people. Just like the rest of us, the A-list still has to wake up every day and feed themselves (albeit often with the help of personal chefs), get dressed (again most of the time with the aid of a stylist), and put their shoes on one foot at a time all by themselves. Well, unless you happen to be Liam Neeson, that is, in which case you enlist fellow actor Olivia Wilde to do it for you.

Back in 2012, the pair met up in Rome to shoot a movie together called The Third Person. The film depicts an interconnected love story of an on-again/off-again couple, played by Wilde and Neeson, as it unfurls across three international cities, ultimately revealing the terrible secret Wilde has been keeping all along. And clearly playing each other’s romantic interests on screen started to make this duo a little co-dependant on one another in real life as well.

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In honor of the Irish actor’s birthday, Wilde shared a throwback photo from when they were shooting that film that had been turned into a meme, showing her bending over to tie Neeson’s shoe with the sentence, “You may be cool, but you’ll never be Liam Neeson getting his shoes tied up by Olivia Wilde cool,” written over it.

The actress wrote in the caption for the meme of herself and her friend, “Also happy birthday to Liam Neeson, who is so cool you can’t be in a photo with him without becoming a meme. I’ll tie your shoes any day, my friend.” After all, what else are friends slash on-screen lovers for?

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