Olivia Wilde Switched to Natural Skincare So She Could 'Smoosh Faces' with Her Kids

Olivia Wilde explains the reason why she started using natural skincare products

Olivia Wilde didn’t just switch over to natural skincare for her own sake. She did it for her kids, too.

“I never like putting something on my skin that I couldn’t then smoosh faces with my kids,” Wilde, 34, tells PEOPLE for the Beautiful issue. “I was always like, ‘Oh no, I just put on this weird acid on my skin for whatever dumb reason and now I’m avoiding my son … My son is trying to kiss me and I’m strong-arming him.’ That’s an awful feeling.”

Now as the chief brand activist of natural skincare brand True Botanicals, Wilde never has to worry about her beauty products interfering with cuddle sessions with son Otis, 4 on Friday, and daughter Daisy, 18 months, ever again.

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“I love that I can wash my face and put on the oil or whatever it is and not have to worry. They could actually, like, lick your cheek and it’s completely fine,” Wilde says.

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Since changing up her skincare routine, Wilde says her complexion has never looked better.

“It’s much more glowy and it just feels healthier and clearer. And honestly, I think fine lines and wrinkles — I know it sounds so lame because I’m not ancient — but still in your early 30s you start to see things. I have noticed less of them while using True Botanicals, especially with like my eyes and my skin texture. Your skin drinks it up,” she says.

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And now, she can’t imagine ever going back to her old non-natural lifestyle. “If someone uses something on my skin that isn’t natural, I can feel it right away,” Wilde says.

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In her new role, she’s also learned a bit about how to have the most success with your skincare regimen. “One piece of advice I would give for people who are thinking about overhauling their skincare game is you have to give it time,” she says. “You have to give your skin a moment to reset because so often people try something once and the results aren’t immediate and they’ll give up on it.”

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