Get a first look at her holiday pieces!

By Alex Apatoff
Updated November 18, 2015 06:05 PM

Olivia Palermo knows you want to shop her closet, which is why she’s collaborated with brands to create her own collections of high-end shoes and fancy shades (among other things). But we’re especially loving her collaboration with BaubleBar, whose first capsule was such a hit, they brought her back to design holiday pieces — and we’ve got the first look at the collection.

Courtesy BaubleBar

Palermo picked the pieces for her collection — which start at $24 for an ear cuff and top out at $78 for a metallic collar — by adhering to her three-word description for the perfect holiday jewels: “bold, gold, statement.” That means lots of showstopping sparkle (like the necklace above and ear cuff below) and interesting silhouettes. And she also drew some inspiration from her own jewelry box for pieces including the brooches, below.

“I do love how detailed everything gets when designing jewelry,” she tells PeopleStyle. “The trickiest part was probably perfecting my brooch designs. I’ve always loved a brooch and I think it can add a hint of glamor to an outfit, so I am glad they were included in my collection!”

And though Palermo is no stranger to a pricey ensemble, she also knows exactly how to incorporate more affordable pieces into her personal collection. “I love vintage, and not all of my pieces are expensive. Some I purchased for a little as $10,” she says. “I think it’s more about knowing what quality is. Making sure it’s durable, finding out what things are made of, how long they have been around, not so much the price.”

Courtesy BaubleBar

She’s already spotted someone in her designs from the first collection — “I had a big smile on my face when I saw someone wearing my Garbo Bib necklace,” she says — and has a particular favorite from Holiday in case you’re trying to catch her eye on Instagram. “One of my favorite pieces has to be the Jailbird Ear Cuff that sits on top of the ear,” she shares. “It’s a nice surprise to a profile.”

Of course, we couldn’t let her go without snagging a few more style tips. How (aside from jewelry) does Palermo love to add sparkle to her looks for holiday? “Makeup is really fun,” she advises. “A beautiful berry red lip is always fun; Velveteen, which is a shade from my Ciaté collection, is a great shade for many skin tones. I also love Pat McGrath’s gold 001 eye shadow.”

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Shop the collection early here, then tell us: Which piece is your favorite?!

— Alex Apatoff