Olivia Palermo Doesn't Give Fashion Advice to Husband Johannes Huebl: He Has His Own Style

Olivia Palermo and her husband, model Johannes Huebl, are one of the most stylish couples on the planet. But when it comes to getting dressed for red carpet events, they don’t take suggestions from one another.

Olivia Palermo for The Art of Shaving

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“Absolutely not — he has his own sense of style,” Palermo told PEOPLE at The Art of Shaving event in N.Y.C. when asked if she helps her husband get dressed. “We just meet at the front door, as I like to say.”

And Palermo doesn’t take style advice from Huebl either, she said. The inspiration behind her high-fashion wardrobe comes from everyday women from across the globe.

“[I’m inspired by] stylish girls all around the world that I see on the streets throughout my travels really,” she told PEOPLE. “Just women who love fashion and get excited about it.”

So where does someone as stylish as Palermo stock her closet? It’s an international job.

“Around the world. Just sometimes I might pop in to Matches in London, sometimes I might be able to go to Portobello [in Sardinia] really early in the morning,” she said. “In Paris, they have so many cute little shops. But Tokyo is probably my favorite place to shop, I have to say. I’m on the shorter side, so the sizing fits perfect.”

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The jet-setting couple also opened up about their beauty routine, revealing that they don’t share most of their products.

“No, we share sunscreen when we’re on the beach,” Huebel said of the pair’s beauty collections. “But we’re not getting in each others’ bags. We have used the same eye cream, though.”

Palermo uses her own razor when it comes to shaving, but she admitted she isn’t afraid to steal one from Huebel, especially if it’s the new design from the Morris Park Collection by The Art of Shaving.

“I think that the Morris Park Collection has that masculine feel — it’s very sporty and super chic,” she said. “It’s definitely something to have in the bathroom on the counter that still looks good.”

In fact, Palermo admits she’d totally trade in her razor for the sleek, new design — as long as she can call it her own. “I’d absolutely use it, but I’d have to get my own first.”

Do you share beauty products with your significant other? Sound off below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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