Olivia Newton John Still Has Her Famous Satin Pants From 'Grease'

The actress says she plans on auctioning off the iconic look for charity later this year

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the hit musical film Grease, and we just found out that even after all of these years actress Olivia Newton-John (who played the main character Sandy alongside John Travolta) still has one of her most iconic outfits from the movie in her closet at home.

At the end of the movie, good girl Sandy Olsson broke out of her shell and proclaimed her love for bad boy Danny Zuko singing the hit song “You’re the One That I want” wearing a black leather jacket, skintight satin pants, huge hoops and a cigarette in hand. At this weekend’s G’Day Black Tie Gala, where Newton-John reunited with her Grease co-star Travolta, the actress revealed she managed to salvage the tight pants she wore for that scene even though she had to be sewn in and out of them multiple times!

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“It was the ’70s [when Grease was filmed, and] those pants were from the ’50s. They were old already and the zipper was gone, so they stitched me in,” Newton-John, 69, said at the event. “Of course, you can imagine: I’d have to pee, [so] they had to unpick it and stitch me up again!”

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Despite everything the pants have been through, Newton-John still has them in her closet — but not for much longer!

“I have them and I’m going to auction them off for my hospital this year,” the actress revealed.

GREASE, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Barry Pearl, Michael Tucci, 1978. © Paramount Pictures/ C

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Now with such a monumental anniversary coming up for Grease, Newton-John says she can finally sit back and watch the entire movie without cringing at herself like she used to.

“I think I was telling someone before that in the early days when we did the movie, I used to watch it and cringe. Like, Why did I do that and I could have done that,” she said. “But now, with all the time and the people [who] love it, I can relax and enjoy it.”

But ultimately, if it hadn’t been for Travolta meeting Newton-John before filming started, it’s likely that we could have seen a very different Sandy onscreen. “I couldn’t have done the movie if I hadn’t met him, because I really wasn’t sure I wanted to do it,” she said. “He kind of came to talk me into it.”

— with reporting by Mariah Haas

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