January 21, 2016 02:00 PM

There are many components to nailing a red carpet look — the outfit, the hair, the makeup, the accessories, the smize — and Olivia Munn consistently delivers on all … but one. In a new interview with Yahoo Beauty she reveals that she struggles with serving up diva realness (or whatever Tyra expression you’d like to user here) when the flashbulbs are popping.

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Munn sat down with beauty legend (and Yahoo Beauty Editor in Chief) Bobbi Brown to talk about her makeup routine and red carpet process. Although she’s been acing it on the style front lately (see her most recent looks here) she admits she still needs to “work on her face.”

She explains that when she gets her picture taken on the red carpet she sometimes has “dead eyes,” noting that someone once described her pictures as looking “high” and she realized, “I do look high! You’re right! ‘Cause I’m trying to look cool.” Her solution? Learn to love Photoshop and alter her own photos.

Her getting-ready prep often differs slightly from her red-carpet counterparts, as she often has to cover the effects of her trichotillomania, a form of OCD that causes her to pull out her eyelashes — but ultimately, going low-key is key. “If it’s a good day, when I don’t have to put extensions on, it takes maybe 15 minutes.”

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She’s a little more rigorous when it comes to her diet (and workout routine — remember this airplane workout?). She credits her figure to an 80-20 diet: 80 percent of what she eats is fruits and vegetables, 20 percent is “whatever” (which she says includes chocolate, tequila, chicken, sushi, fish).

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Even though that sounds nearly as brutal as the Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady diet plan, she’s not a “precious” Hollywood type that would ever deny a bread basket, “I’m like, what? Um, can the bread basket stay at our table, please?”

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— Colleen Kratofil

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