She's planning on wearing 'scarves for days'

By Colleen Kratofil
Updated October 18, 2016 04:30 PM

Just last week, Olivia Holt gave PeopleStyle an inside glimpse of her on stage beauty routine with her exclusive photo diary. Now she’s talking about all-things fashion on PeopleNow, sharing how the fall weather really influences her style.

“This is my prime moment to shine when it comes to fashion,” she tells PeopleNow. “I gotta bust out the boots, lots of leggings, scarves for days.”

She’s also found a new trend to love this season: “I’m really into sailor hats right now.” (Though, she says she’ll switch to beanies in the winter.)

As for one item in her wardrobe she’ll never retire, it’s her leather jacket. “You can wear it over a cute sundress or even just bundle up for fall or winter.”

And her best dressing tip is to layer, layer, layer. “I like layers. And whether that be during the summer or during the winter, I feel like layers are always a good option.”

What’s your favorite thing to wear for fall?