Find out everything you need to know about the star's beauty routine

At just 18 years old, Olivia Holt is the star of Disney’s I Didn’t Do It, has a recording album in the works, and is appearing in a number upcoming feature films. So naturally, she had to add a beauty contract to her resumé. Following in the footsteps of Bella Thorne and Hayden Panettiere (not to mention Kerry Washington and Jennifer Garner), she’s signed on as Neutrogena‘s newest brand ambassador.

Not yet familiar with the star? We got to know her at Neutrogena’s See What’s Possible campaign event in N.Y.C., which means we’ve got 10 reasons she’s going to be your next style crush.

Olivia Holt

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1. Holt’s relationship with beauty is different from most 18-year-olds.

Beginning her career at age 3, the first time she wore makeup was on set, at a very young age. “I missed the whole mom-teaches-daughter-how-to-put-on-makeup thing,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I missed that entire phase of my life because I was on TV at such a young age.”

2. But being in the hands of makeup artists did pay off!

With beauty pros around all the time, Holt also never had that awkward phase most teens do where they overpluck their brows and use the wrong lipstick shades. “I grew up learning from numerous makeup artists how to put on makeup, different ways you can put on makeup, what type of makeup to use, what type of makeup not to use.”

3. And now her friends are always asking for her tips.

“It’s always fun when you’re going out with your friends because they always want your help — and I’m always down for some help too!”
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4. Her beauty routine has evolved over the years.

“From the ages of 13 to 16, I loved makeup so much that I just wanted it on me all the time and what I gravitated towards more was very heavy,” Holt says of her younger years. “I’ve drifted more towards a natural, energetic vibe, which is what I’m into right now.”

5. Great skin is so key to a great look — and she wants to help you find your perfect regimen.
“Its just really finding the type of products that work for your skin,” she advises. “It took me a really long time to find certain products that worked well for me.”

6. And key to her great skin? Moisturizer.
“I make sure that I exfoliate every single day. I have very dry and sensitive skin and I break out occasionally, but my main thing is always moisturizing because my skin is so dry — whether that’s twice a day or four times a day.”

7. Even as a teenager, she’s a sunscreen devotee
As the face of a skincare brand, sunburns aren’t a good look. Which is why Holt is already in the habit of practicing safe sun. “I’m always out in the sun,” she admits. “I’m a big hiker and beach gal, so its really important for me to always have SPF on, which is something that you’ve got to find for your skin type.”

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8. Her selfies require “The Smolder”

With more than 4 million

Instagram followers, we’ll take any social media advice we can get from the star. Luckily, she has some selfie strategies to share. “Obviously, the angle: It can’t be low. It can’t be too high either.” Anything else? “You’ve got to have good lighting and it’s got to be a nice face. You know, no one ever smiles. It’s always the pursed lips or the almost-squinty eyes … It’s what we call ‘the smolder.'”

9. Even top stars deal with bullies.
“The challenges of being a woman today are quite gruesome, whether that means facing the beauty standard portrayed in the media or dealing with online bullying,” she shares. “It’s a daily struggle that we’ve all endured, and for me personally, it is a challenge on some days, drowning out the negative opinions of others and really staying to true to myself.”

10. But haters can hate — her confidence has let her achieve her dreams.
Holt has achieved many of her goals during her teenage years, but these things came once she became comfortable with herself. “Finding the confidence in myself has not only made me become more determined in an effort to follow my dreams and to raise the bar for what I’ve accomplished,” she says.

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— Jillian Ruffo