Olivia Culpo Saves Little Sister Sophia From Falling Refrigerator: 'I Was Traumatized'

"Crazy day," Olivia Culpo added in an Instagram Story about the incident, which happened while the sisters helped their parents move home.

Olivia Culpo and Sophia Culpo attend the REVOLVE x The h.wood Group Present REVOLVE FESTIVAL at Merv Griffin Estate on April 17, 2022 in La Quinta, California.
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Olivia Culpo and her little sister Sophia had quite the run-in with a refrigerator!

Culpo, 30, posted on her Instagram Story Tuesday that a refrigerator fell on top of Sophia, 24, while they helped their parents move home.

"This refrigerator fell on Sophie yesterday," Culpo wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a photo of the fridge and a number of food items spilled on the floor.

"I didn't post it bc I was traumatized but if you saw on her stories she's 100% ok luckily Katie and I ran over as it was mid way in the air and held it up although her head was inside the thing," she continued.

"Crazy day," Olivia added in the Instagram Story's caption. "Not going to miss this part of a new move in. Let this be your reminder to secure all appliances and not leave details like this up to 60+ year old parents 🥲 the end."

Olivia Culpo Saves Little Sister Sophia from Falling Refrigerator
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

It's unclear exactly what Sophia's earlier Instagram Stories show, but the last one available on the social media platform Wednesday featured the younger Culpo sister's explanation for what happened.

"So the reason that the fridge fell forward is because, it's going to be covered with the matching wood finish front and back, and the back I guess will like be mounted to the wall," Sophia explained in her Story. "But because it's not finished yet, it's not mounted. So that is why it fell forward."

"And they were not kidding," she added, as she zoomed in her phone camera on a product warning posted to the fridge about the potential for refrigerators to tip over and cause injuries.

Sophia's next Instagram Story explained that temporary mounts now hold the fridge up until it can be fully installed.

"Yeah, that sucked," the model said in the Story. "That was definitely not fun."

Olivia Culpo Saves Little Sister Sophia from Falling Refrigerator
Sophia Culpo/Instagram

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While Culpo's fridge-related incident appeared to be a one-off, house-moving accident, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveilance System's 2021 injury report estimated that 45,247 people were injured by refrigerators and freezers in 2021.

The NEISS report added that the data shows "national estimates of the number of persons treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments with consumer product-related injuries."

The Culpo family appeared to shrug the incident off relatively quickly, however; Sophia's next Instagram Story, posted two hours later, showed their sister-in-law Katie preparing to make tequila drinks for the group.

Both Olivia and Sophia referred to their parents' new home as a farm in their Instagram Stories Tuesday. Sophia added that they have taken to calling the house "the farmhouse by the sea because it's a farm but also a beach house."

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