September 05, 2017 09:24 AM

Olivia Culpo may get her hair and makeup done by the top stylists on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that the former Miss Universe is opposed to doing glam for herself. In fact, the 25-year-old’s become such an expert, she claims she can even do a full face of makeup without even a glance in the mirror.

“I don’t know how I got this talent. It’s so crazy. Even lining lips I don’t need a mirror!” Culpo told us on PeopleNow. Everybody I work with always makes fun of me all the time because I will just be in the elevator and I will just be doing lip liner, even if it is a red lip. I think I’ve just been doing it for so long and I love it so much, I am trained.”

But when she isn’t working, the savvy Instagrammer keeps her makeup so simple, she doesn’t even use mascara.

“My go-to beauty look is definitely clean skin, basically making sure there’s no blemish showing and then a lip [color] with curled eyelashes. No mascara, no eye makeup, maybe a little bit of highlight. But I rarely wear mascara actually because I like to focus more on the skin,” Culpo said.

In terms of her personal style, Culpo admits that while she always “had a passion for expressing myself in fashion,” since hitting her mid-20s, she’s “evolved, matured and become more confident in trying new trends and having more fun.”

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“I have dated people in the past that actually made me feel insecure about what I would wear,” Culpo, who’s currently dating New England Patriots player Danny Amendola, said. “When I was younger in relationships I would feel pressure to dress to mold who I was with. [Now], if a guy doesn’t think my outfit was cool or we weren’t matching I wouldn’t care. I am so over that.”

She isn’t opposed to matchy-matchy couples’ outfits either. “I think it’s so cute. The more time you spend with somebody, the more you gravitate toward their style anyway,” Culpo said. “I feel like couples morph into a unit and they work off of each other and get the same sense of style.”

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Culpo’s a master of capturing her #OOTD pics and taking the best selfies (so much so, that even two of our own PeopleStyle editors got an Instagram lesson from the star). No matter what kind of photo you’re attempting to take, Culpo’s biggest piece of advice always remains the same.

“If there was one tip it is that you have to find good light,” she said on PeopleNow. “Without good light, you can’t find any of the details and you can’t capture the essence of the outfit.”

Lately, the model’s been experimenting with one of fall’s biggest ’90s resurgent trends: denim-on-denim. And although the style used to be considered a major fashion faux pas, Culpo said mismatching the shades of denim elevates the ’90s-inspired look.

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“The denim does not have to be the same tone,” she said. “I actually think it is important if it is not the same tone, and then break it up somehow whether it is with an accessory like a belt or the right earrings or a shoe. Add another element so it doesn’t look too perfect.”

If you’re not ready to play around with such a bold trend, Culpo, who says she loves a “classic and structured” look, thinks every woman needs to have this one piece in her closet. “A staple black and silver leather jacket, because it is going to go with everything. You can wear it all year round, you can pair it with everything and it is just something you are going to wear over and over again,” she said.

Basically, the star approves of pretty much any black outfit. “You immediately look elevated, you look put together, you look clean, you look sleek,” she said. “It is slimming too!”

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After walking plenty of red carpets, Culpo wants other women to learn from biggest fashion fail she’s made, so they don’t experience the same embarrassment she did.

“I forgot wear appropriate undergarments,” she laughed. “I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing to wear a certain outfit that might not be fashionable anymore or it might not be somebody’s particular taste, but one time I forgot to wear the right bra and it was a bad mistake.”

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