By anniedaly
Updated August 28, 2013 04:37 PM

Courtesy Nick Elgar/Getty; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Now that we can think clearly again after the adrenaline-pumping, man-crush-inducing amazingness that was the ‘NSYNC performance at the VMAs, we realized that we still have a Very Important Question: How come they didn’t go huge and bust out the famed cornrows that we all came to know and love?

So we checked in with Amy Komorowski, men’s celebrity hair stylist for AXE Hair, who styled their hair for the VMAs. She gave us all the exclusive scoop on their style situation at the show. And while she couldn’t comment on the cornrows going MIA (womp), she did explain how the five members’ hair styles have evolved over the years.

“The guys did lots of experimenting with new styles and lengths when they were in their twenties. Now I think they’ve really come into their own and found the looks that work best for each of them, which tends to happen as guys mature,” she says.

Our translation? The men of ‘NSYNC have gotten older and wiser … and with that, less apt to go all ’90s and spend a little more time on, uh, their hair gel. “Yes, my general plan was to help them look ‘effortlessly put-together’ — and that meant going lighter on the products and making sure the hair had movement,” Komorowski continues.

Well hey, if going lighter on products to make sure their hair had movement had anything to do with the killer dance moves the guys rocked onstage, then we hereby demand that men everywhere take after them and hold up on the sticky stuff. Because seriously, those moves were — dare we say it? — better than we even remembered.

Tell us: What did you think of the guys’ updated hairstyles at the VMAs?

–Annie Daly