Nothing Gets Between Kate Bosworth and Her Calvin Klein Jeans

David Sims

Kate Bosworth has gone from fashion plate to pin-up, as the latest cover girl for Calvin Klein Jeans. Announced yesterday, it’s the first global campaign for Bosworth, 25, who up until now has only modeled for Coach in China. The ads aim to feel “clean, pure and simple all-American,” said Malcolm Carfrae of Calvin Klein tells WWD. And despite the fact Bosworth is used to looking stunning on the red carpet, the starlet claims getting in front of the camera can be awkward. “It’s funny, I definitely feel much more uncomfortable modeling because it’s not something I know how to do,” Bosworth told Nylon Magazine. “When I act, I’m not aware of the camera; I’m just there with the actor in that moment. As a model, you’re very aware of the camera. What I enjoyed most about doing this campaign was finding and becoming a certain character. I think working with people like [photographer] David Sims and [stylist]Karl Templer, who want to find and shape that character, instead of simply capturing a pretty picture, is really exciting. So, this campaign was a little bit like an acting job in that way.” From what we’ve seen, we say it’s a job well done.

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