North West Wants to Start Creating Makeup Videos on YouTube, But Kanye Won't Have It

Kim Kardashian says she lets her daughter make videos unboxing makeup at home

In less than six months, Kim Kardashian created a beauty empire.

The makeup mogul’s KKW Beauty cream contour kits initially sold out (and made her $14 million) after only three hours and her latest innovation — three gardenia-based fragrances, which launch tomorrow — have already created a ton of buzz online. She’s joined multiple beauty gurus on YouTube for tutorials using her products, becoming a beauty influencer in her own right. And though it would be hard to top everything she’s already accomplished in the beauty space, it appears that her 4-year-old daughter North West is already hot on her heels.

“The other day, it was so funny. My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and videos. She was unboxing the My Little Pony Colourpop collection and I thought to myself, ‘I wish I was recording this’ because her reaction was so funny. And then she did makeup on the My Little Pony that they gave and she said, ‘Mom, I want to do a YouTube video,’” Kardashian told WWD.

Kim Kardashian West Celebrates The Launch Of KKW Beauty
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Kardashian’s never one to turn down a golden business opportunity, and for a brief moment, she considered letting her daughter launch a YouTube channel for her “beauty tutorials” to live on – until husband Kanye West gave the idea. a big thumbs down. As a compromise, they let North record some videos for her family’s eyes only, just so she can “test it out.”

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“I don’t know if it’s something she would really want to do…but it’s always a struggle on how much you want to have exposed or how much access you want them to have to have to social media,” Kardashian said.

She remembers, back before her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner had millions of their own followers on social media, she would break into their accounts to see what they were up to.

“I remember when Kendall and Kylie were growing up. We were so freaked out and we always had their passwords and we would always go check their accounts, and I mean, they were really little. I don’t know if they knew we knew,” Kardashian said.

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But once the right time comes, the soon-to-be mom of three won’t hold her kids back from getting involved with social media.

“In the world we live in today, I don’t think you ask someone young growing up to not be on social media — that’s just cruel,” she said. “That’s like asking [someone] to not communicate.”

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