The actress also channeled Billie Ellish over Halloween weekend

By Hanna Flanagan
October 28, 2019 01:42 PM

Nina Dobrev is winning Halloween 2019.

The actress, 30, and a pal recreated the now-infamous moment when French YouTuber Marie Benoliel crashed the Chanel Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show before a less-than-pleased Gigi Hadid promptly escorted her off the runway on Oct. 1.

Dobrev’s look — a black and white houndstooth tweed skirt suit with a black blouse underneath and a black round top hat — was spot on. And she even nailed Benoliel’s shocked (but totally sarcastic) reaction.

She seemingly mocked the comedian (who later explained the prank to the New York Times, saying that fashion should be “joyful” and “has to be funny”) on Instagram.

“They said I couldn’t pull off the impossible, but look at me now! The most prestigious catwalk in the world.” – Marie 🥐🧀🇫🇷😆
@gigihadid @mariesinfiltre,” Dobrev wrote alongside a series of photos from the viral Paris Fashion Week scene.

Credit: Nina Dobrev/Instagram

The star’s friend, writer and producer Lane Cheek, donned a dirty blonde wig, a long sleeve navy blouse and black hot pants over sheer black tights.

Dobrev and Cheek also copied two famous photos from the show. In one snap, Hadid can be seen grabbing Benoliel’s shoulder as the French comedian attempts to walk in front of her. In another, Benoliel strikes a playful pose as a seemingly angry Hadid motions for her to exit the stage.

Credit: Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Fans and followers applauded the spot-on fashion reference in the comment section, with many pointing out that Dobrev put together two great back-to-back Halloween costumes this year (she stepped out dressed as Billie Eilish on Friday).

Credit: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty
Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

“You’re massacring Halloween,” one Instagram user commented. While another said, “Omg Nina!!!! Soooo good!!! 😂”

Even Benoliel herself approved of the look! She posted Dobrev’s photo to her own Instagram feed with the caption, “Best Halloween costume by @nina.”

For the controversial spoof, Benoliel jumped onto the runway from the audience seating area, then began strutting down the catwalk alongside real models.

Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

Hadid walked swiftly towards the prankster and blocked her from continuing down the runway. The model then took her by the shoulder and escorted her away from the stage, which several audience members caught on camera and posted to social media.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the comedian had previously crashed another Paris Fashion Week show earlier this week.

“Further incredible scenes @CHANEL when @GiGiHadid confronted the runway crasher and escorted her off the catwalk!” one reporter tweeted at the time.