Turns out the actress is pretty particular when it comes to her favorite workout gear
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Credit: Courtesy Reebok

You heard it here first: According to Nina Dobrev, there is nothing to debate, leggings are officially pants. That should probably come as no surprise considering this is someone who can regularly be spotted doing anything and everything in hers, from running errands around Los Angeles to sweating it out during another grueling workout session, and even celebrating her BFF Julianne Hough throughout her beach-elorette festivities. As the actress said herself during Reebok’s three-day Classic Leather event at Coachella, “for better or for worse I tend to wear my workout clothes in day to day life because now work out clothes are so stylish!” So of course we had to ask her what she looks for in her perfect gym-to-party pair.

Dobrev explained that your run-of-the-mill fitness bottoms have undergone a total revolution since the days of everyone wearing those semi-sheer cotton pairs from American Apparel. The actress shared, “I think that leggings have come a long way. I was a dancer and I went to musical theater high school so leggings were my uniform, if you will, and it was just not the same. They were your workout thing and then you would change into jeans immediately. Whereas now leggings have mesh and really cool patterns…They’ve tailored the pieces to make them more fashion forward so you feel good in them.”

And in terms of what she looks for specifically in her dream pair of spandex, Dobrev has a very specific list of requirements to help her show off her physique to advantage. To start with, they’ve got by high-waisted, “because for me, on my body, I’ve been working out a lot more recently so I’m finally getting a little shadow of an ab situation happening. But it’s only the top two [abs], nothing below. So that’s why the high waisted helps highlight those two for me and leaves a little bit of mystery. But I gravitate towards darker colors or brighter colors.” She adds, “if it’s too white, that’s not my favorite.” And in terms of crafting a head-to-toe look for your next sweat sesh, the TV star says, “I like to mix and match…I don’t want to be the one who goes to the gym and looks aggressive. At the end of the day, it looks cool because it is cool, it shouldn’t look like you’re trying hard. Some people just go to the gym with full face, full hair done, it looks like they just walked out of a salon.” Considering this is the same woman who just did People’s makeup free challenge, it seems highly unlikely you’ll catch Dobrev at the gym looking anything but totally effortless.

So in honor of Nina’s love of high-waisted workout gear, we’ve gathered together a few pairs of pants we have a feeling she might be into:

high waist leggings

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