The Sports Illustrated model has a few ideas on how to make this year your most romantic yet
Credit: Ruven Afanador

It’s no secret that model Nina Agdal is currently in the midst of a pretty high-profile relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. But while the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (who will be in the upcoming issue again!) may already be totally taken, you still might be one of the lucky ones to find her on Tinder. Thanks to a new sweepstakes she’s teamed up with the dating app and Edge Shave Gel on, one lucky fan who swipes right on Agdal between January 25 and February 1 could win a trip for themselves and a friend out to the SI Swimsuit VIBES festival in Houston. She’s also gone ahead and given us some of her best dating tips and tricks to up your romance game and make sure you have the best Valentine’s Day ever whether you’re still single, in it for the long haul, or jetting off to Texas to party with a woman who wears bikinis professionally.

Nina Agdal Sports Illustrated Tinder
Credit: Courtesy Sports Illustrated

While the model says she thinks “Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on everyone,” if you’re going for the grand gesture, “roses and an intimate dinner always make it special, as cliché as it sounds,” she says. “If you really wanna go for it, fireworks are always a surprise experience.” Though perhaps an experience a touch out of most non-Oscar-winning romantic’s price range.

As for the worst thing a guy can do to woo Agdal? The model says, “The worst date for me is when a guy is too cocky. I love confidence, but I hate cockiness! If he shows up like he doesn’t really care – not clean-shaven or messy clothes – it’s just the worst! I appreciate a guy who not only puts thought into what we’re doing on the date, but the kind of impression he’s giving off.”

Nina Agdal Sports Illustrated Tinder
Credit: Courtesy Sports Illustrated

And whether your celebrating Galentine’s or just your S.O., February 14th can be a tricky day for gift giving, but Agdal says, “I love getting my closest girlfriends something simple and personalized like engraved jewelry; Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to share love with all the special people in your life. For a boyfriend, my favorite gift to give is the same gift I like to receive…an experience! Because I love the outdoors and being active, I love to set up a romantic picnic or hike.”

And if you’re planning on going the dating app route for finding a date for the big day, the Victoria’s Secret star says don’t lose hope. “I know a lot of couples who met on Tinder, and have actually formed long-lasting relationships,” Agdal enthuses, “My biggest piece of advice would be to pay attention to profiles – go for guys who are smiling in their photos, who show a little creativity in their bios and who look like they’ve got a good vibe!” And finally, if you’re looking to catch the swimsuit model’s eye, she insists it couldn’t be more simple, saying, “A confident guy with a smile and a fresh shave makes the best first impression for me.”

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