The beauty guru and influencer came out as Transgender in a viral YouTube video earlier this month

Nikkie de Jager, better known as beauty guru NikkieTutorials, posted her first YouTube video since coming out as Transgender earlier this month.

On Tuesday, the social media star shared a video titled “Responding To My Coming Out.” on her channel, in which she thanked fans and strangers alike for their support and addressed a few rumors swirling about online.

The beauty guru explained that she’s used to people staring at her when she goes out in public — de Jager stands 6-foot-2-inches tall and has 13.1 million followers on YouTube. But after posting her coming out video, she said she was worried people would be staring for the wrong reason.

“It’s like, they know,“ she said of her Transgender identity, which she kept private throughout her 12-year-long YouTube career. “That was so frightening to me because I thought that was going to be the only thing that people looked at me for.”

“My neighbor and she told me how proud she was of me and how I’m such a strong individual and she had tears in her eyes. Not in my craziest dreams did I think that would happen.”

The beauty guru and Netherlands native went on to say that “so much positivity” has come from random strangers on the street, parents who’ve made a point to thank de Jager for helping their children feel seen and understood, Dutch television shows who covered her coming out story extensively and even Dutch lawmakers who were inspired to bring about change after watching de Jager’s video.

“Trust me when I say, if i could write a book from all the offers I got for a book deal, Harry Potter would be nothing,” she added with a laugh. “It has been so crazy and absolutely surreal seeing the world respond to me and welcomed me with open arms and showing me nothing but love and respect.”

Nikkie tutorials
Credit: Nikkie Tutorials/Instagram

She was “overwhelmed” by the number of media outlets and television shows that asked her to tell her story. Ultimately, she chose The Ellen DeGeneres Show but admitted “the number one outlet where i get to truly be myself and share my full story is here on my YouTube channel.”

“I want my words to come from a safe place,” she said. “And this right here [YouTube] is my safe place.”

de Jager then addressed the rumors swirling around online about her blackmailer and asked fans to stop the “witch hunt” to uncover the identity of the person who threatened her.

“I don’t think that is your story to tell. If anyone is going to have the right to tell more about these blackmailers, it’s going to be me.”

“With the help of police, we have found out who exactly was blackmailing me. I have their names, their phone numbers, email addresses. I even know where they live and how they treated people around me to get more information on my true story.”

“When I found out exactly who was behind this all, I was shocked because this is not a person that any of you know. It is someone [who] I don’t even personally know.”

NikkieTutorials on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
| Credit: EllenTube

The beauty influencer acknowledged that she has the power to “destroy a life” with her large following and celebrity platform by releasing the name of her blackmailer, but said she has decided to be the bigger person: “I don’t want to lower myself to his level — I’m better than that.”

“I think it is my right to determine if I want that name to come out or not,” de Jager explained. “And right now, with 32 million views, I think he knows. And I think [those] are the most bad*** 32 million f*** you’s ever.”

She followed that up by urging viewers in a similar situation to seek help from the police, friends and family. “Nobody should get away with blackmailing. Ever,” she said.

de Jager concluded by clapping back at Internet trolls who claim she posted the coming out video as a publicity stunt: “Sweety, have a seat. Have a seat and go sit there for awhile and rethink your actions and your words.”