January 18, 2013 02:00 PM

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Whenever something goes missing from our closet, it’s usually because our roommate “borrowed” it. Same goes for Nikki Reed, except her “roommate” is husband Paul McDonald.

“He steals all my stuff!” Reed told PEOPLE at Gillette’s Kiss and Tell event in N.Y.C. on Wednesday. “He steals my necklaces. If I can’t find a T-shirt, it’s because he’s got it on.”

And the style admiration is mutual. “I’m so inspired by Paul — I mean, he’s such a fashionista,” the Twilight star said.

In fact, Reed is so impressed by McDonald’s look that the budding jewelry designer is considering creating a guy’s collection. “Maybe I’ll do a men’s line for him with belts and other cool, masculine accessories.”

Along with fashion, McDonald also takes his beauty routine very seriously. “He does take a long time [to get ready]. He shaves his beard everyday, so it’s a lot of upkeep,” she explained.

And McDonald’s “manscaping,” as Reed described it, is a chore for the actress, too. “Guess who is the one that has to clean up the sink everyday? This one!” Reed joked while pointing to herself. “I [say to him], ‘There are two things I want you to do: Take out the trash and clean up your hair in the sink!'” Oh, the life of a newlywed! Tell us: Does your boyfriend or husband influence your style?

–Jennifer Cress


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