The supermodel is starting a new stylish venture

Courtesy StyleHaul

Supermodel, mom and now YouTube star! Niki Taylor is debuting her own lifestyle video series on the StyleHaul network today.

A peek into Taylor’s life behind the lens, the channel will cover fashion, beauty, fitness and health related topics, and will also include appearances by her husband [race car driver, Burney Lamar] and children [19-year-old twins Hunter and Jake, daughter Ciel, 5, and son Rex, 2 1/2].

“I’ve done everything else in the fashion business besides, really, bringing people into my life and having them see my world,“ Taylor, 39, tells PEOPLE. “This is such a great way to connect with fans, meet other people who are in the fashion industry and other beauty and fashion creators … I’ve had such a great life and to share that with other people is just kinda cool.”

So, what’s life really like for a supermodel? Taylor confesses her world is, well, a lot like ours. “I think people are going to be surprised [to see] that I’m just a pretty normal girl who lives in Nashville, Tennessee,“ says the star. “I’m like every other mom and woman out there — I have my good days, my bad days and we have our crazy days!”

Every Tuesday, Taylor will offer new videos, which take viewers inside her closet, kitchen and beyond, all while dispensing tips along the way. From revealing the contents of her purse to walking us through her morning beauty routine, Taylor serves as a refreshingly candid, down to earth [yet insanely beautiful] BFF.

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As for her must-have of the moment: her “foundation of youth” product, Cell Quench. “It’s amazing. I’m telling you it gets rid of lines, it makes your pores look smaller, and [makes it appear like] you’ve had a laser treatment done,” says Taylor adding. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I drink lots of water. I think that’s very key [as well].”

She also swears by Urban Outfitters for cheapie staples like sunglasses (“They always fall off and my baby is always grabbing them. You know they get banged up in your bag,” she says), though she’ll spend more on bags and shoes — but ultimately, nothing stays in her wardrobe for too long. “My fashion changes all the time. I like to get rid of things,” says Taylor, who prepares to purge her closet in a segment below. “If I haven’t worn something over six months I put it in a bag and I send it to somebody or give it to Goodwill.”

Check out her first three videos below, and subscribe to her StyleHaul channel for lots more from Taylor. What would you like to see more of? Are you loving the glimpse into her home life? Tell us in the comments![brightcoveplayer 3492799938001][brightcoveplayer 3492753805001][brightcoveplayer 3492799946001]

–Michelle Ward