This was the actress's worst getting-ready experience

By Colleen Kratofil
June 08, 2017 09:00 AM
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For as many red carpet events as celebrities attend, they’re bound to eventually experience a less-than-flattering wardrobe malfunction. It’s happened to every A-list star. Nicole Kidman’s dress straps broke at the Oscars, Lenny Kravitz ripped the crotch of his pants while he was performing on stage, and for Niecy Nash, she had a malfunction while she was on her way to the premiere of the 2014 film Selma.

“I was going to the premiere for Selma, and when the girls zipped me into my dress, the whole thing burst and fell apart,” Nash told PEOPLE about her worst getting-ready experience. “I just fell face forward on the bed and cried. They calmly got me in something else, but I was a wreck.”

But when it comes to awkward red carpet experiences, that wasn’t as bad as the last time she found herself completely starstruck. “At an awards show, Billy Dee Williams came up to hug me, and I accidentally said, ‘I would have my tubes untied to give you a baby,'” she recalls of meeting the singer. “He just said, ‘You’re a very funny lady.’ It just slipped out.”

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Fortunately it’s been smoother sailing right now as the actress, 47, promotes TNT’s new nail-salon-set (yes, you read that right) dramedy Claws, but revealed that a wedding vows renewal might be in her future. “I think at some point I’m going to renew my wedding vows because I always see that in my dreams. The good thing is that I still like my husband [Jay Tucker]. It would be bad if I didn’t like him that much, but he’s still my boyfriend.”

Reported by Julie Jordan

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