The reality star says good tunes and great sunglasses are essential

By Kate Hogan
Updated May 23, 2011 02:30 PM

Donato Sardella/WireImage

Nicole Richie knows a thing or two about fashion; she’s the head of her own mini fashion empire and we just love her breezy street style. So when we spoke to her recently at Nordstrom Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Calif., we had to ask, “What should every girl have this summer?” Richie, who says she designs for “a multitasking woman that likes to have fun with fashion but wears it with ease at the same time,” offered up her top summer must-haves in reply:

The perfect bag. “I would say a good, big beach-bag,” says Richie. “I love the big Goyard bags.” And when it comes to purses, the designer knows a thing or two. Of her upcoming handbag line, she shares, “We have a lot of clutches and different styles … some fun leathers and skins.”

Sweet shades. A great pair of sunglasses is a necessity for the California girl. “I’m wearing my House of Harlow Chelsea ones a lot right now,” she says. “They’re big, huge, huge frames. Those have been really fun, so I’ve been wearing them a lot lately.” To pick the perfect pair of sunglasses, the fashionista says that “it’s important to know what’s good on your face.”

Good tunes. “My iPod is what I need always,” she emphasizes. “I always need my summer playlist.” The designer admits one accessory she lacks is a case for her most important gadget. “I don’t have a cute iPod case … maybe that should be the next step, designing iPod cases,” she jokes.


Summer scarves. Richie is known for her boho-chic style, so it’s no surprise she’s a fan of scarves. “I have headscarves with me all the time just because I’m at the beach and sometimes just can’t do my hair,” she says. “So it’s easy for me to just throw on a headscarf.”

Sense of self. And Richie’s most important fashion tip? “I would say to just be yourself and know your body and know what looks good on you and what doesn’t,” she advises. “Don’t always just follow trends. Stay true to yourself.”

Tell us: What are your summer must-haves? Jessica Wedemeyer