Nicole Richie has some good stories about her awkward teen years

Amanda Schwab/Startraks

When you see a photo of Nicole Richie killing it from every angle, it’s easy to forget that she too once made some serious style blunders.

Don’t believe us? The star shared her most memorable mishap with Teen Vogue at last night’s CFDA Awards.

“The second I started getting hair in the middle of my eyebrows, I decided to shave it off,” she shares. “But by shaving it off, I actually went to the middle of my eyebrow, so I had no eyebrows. I only had the ends of my eyebrow. That was nice. That was fun.”

And even worse, she couldn’t make do with a little makeup. “I didn’t pencil it in because I wasn’t old enough. I was only 13. So my mom didn’t take any pictures of me,” she went on. “That was really comforting. It was a really nice experience.”

The star is one of many who talked to Teen Vogue about their high school fashion (or lack thereof) and adolescent missteps. Richie herself says “I don’t think I had a strong sense of who I was back then,” admitting to being inpsired by Punky Brewster, Clarissa Darling and Nirvana.

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–Alex Apatoff