The star takes on her least favorite tattoos in the debut episode of her new AOL series

If you ever wanted to watch The Simple Life with Paris Hilton on mute — because Nicole Richie is just that hilarious — have we got good news for you.

The Fashion Star judge (and mom of two) let cameras follow her around for a new AOL web series, #CandidlyNicole, comprising 20 vignettes based on her delightful Twitter account.

In the debut episode, Richie visits L.A.’s Dr. Tattoff tattoo removal clinic to see how hard it would be to get rid of the “tramp stamp” (her words!) she got as a teenager.

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“I was 16 and an idiot and didn’t want my parents to see, you know?” she tells the doctor, adding in an aside, “It just means a certain thing and I don’t want to be part of that group.”

We’d tell you more, but we think Richie says it best in her own words. Warning: If you’re watching at work, you may find your coworkers asking why those Excel spreadsheets are so hilarious.

Tell us: Are you excited to watch the rest of #CandidlyNicole?

–Alex Apatoff