Nicole Richie Dyes Her Hair Purple (For Real This Time)

Courtney Joel Madden. Inset:Tibrina Hobson/Wireima

Nicole Richie has burned us with her purple hair excitement before. It seems like just yesterday she had us all buzzing about a new technicolor hue — only to reveal it was all digital, no dye.

But the latest batch of Instagram photos portraying the star with light violet locks — posted on her account and that of husband Joel Madden — lead us to believe that last week’s Photoshop job was just a dry run for a more permanent lavender look.

Madden posted the above pic last night with the caption “My Girl.” She posted the same one with the caption “About last night…” then added a shot of the two together (below) for a little extra legitimacy.

No word on what inspired the change or whether Kelly Osbourne sent her a welcome basket for joining the very small group of starlets with purple hair. But we aren’t mad at this new look on Nicole (though if she’s pranking us again, we might be!).

Think she finally committed to the purple hue? Are you loving it? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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