Nicole Kidman's '80s Modeling Glamour Shots Are Everything You Could Have Hoped For

The actress was embarrassed by the images of her early forays into modeling on The Graham Norton Show

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We now all know Nicole Kidman as an Oscar-winning actress, Aussie-turned-country girl, and of course, the almost-paramour of one late night host, Jimmy Fallon. But what you may not know about the A-list celeb is that, in her youth, she also dabbled in a little bit of modeling. A fact that Graham Norton wasn’t about to let Kidman forget when she made an appearance on his show to promote her new film Lion with co-star Dev Patel.

This year, we didn’t just lose a handful of pop culture icons, we also lost a lot of classic print publications. More closed its doors completely, while Seventeen has cut back to six issues a year, and Self, InStyle UK, and Complex have all gone entirely digital. But there’s one more iconic magazine that shuttered this year, and that’s Australia’s long-running teen publication, Dolly, which (as Graham Norton was so kind to point out on Friday night’s episode) also happened to feature a whole lot of images of a young Nicole Kidman at the start of her ’80s modeling career.

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After announcing the sad news that the magazine is no more, Norton said to Kidman, “Dolly was very important to you when you were starting out, wasn’t it?” To which she replied, “Yes, I got on the cover. Of course, the host pulled up that very image, eliciting an “Oh, no,” from the actress. She then confessed that while everyone thinks of her as the quintessential redhead, the magazine should really get the credit for her signature auburn locks as they’re the ones who dyed it that particular hue.

Norton then went on to share some choice, glamorous editorials from the actress’s very ’80s spreads, saying, “these will give you an idea of the quality of fashion in Dolly magazine.” While the images cause Nicole’s cheeks to turn a bright crimson, she added that she does still wish her hair was the same texture it was back then, giving a brief PSA to curly girls everywhere: “Anyone who has curly hair that’s young, keep your curly hair. Don’t straighten it because after a while, you don’t get your curls back.”

However, while Nicole may miss her full head of ringlets, we have to admit, we’re glad her day job no longer involves hoisting her leg mid-air in order to model a pair of boots.

What do you think of Nicole’s glamour shots? Would you book her for a modeling job? Sound off below!

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