Nicole Kidman Gives Her Sister a Foot Rub: 'Does Anyone Else Out There Do This?'

“I’ll sit here all day,” Nicole Kidman’s sister, Antonia Kidman, said during her at-home massage

Nicole Kidman
Nicole and Antonia Kidman. Photo: Nicole Kidman/instagram

Nicole Kidman's sister Antonia Kidman is reaping the benefits of the actress' massage skills.

The Undoing star, 53, shared a video on Instagram Monday giving her older sister a foot rub with products from her partnership with Seratopical by SeraLabs.

Antonia sat on the edge of a bed as Nicole sat cross legged on the floor rubbing her sister's feet. Antonia laughed during the at-home spa moment, saying, "I'll sit here all day!"

"Does anyone else out there do this for their sister? I mean come on…" Nicole wrote in the caption for the video. "But I'm not doing it all day 💕👯‍♀️."

Nicole previously opened up to PEOPLE about her decision to become a global brand ambassador for CBD health, beauty and wellness brand SeraLabs, which she used to massage her sister's feet.

"I am an avid user of Seratopical products and truly believe in their mission, so it was important for me to join the team in a bigger way. With this partnership, I will be greatly involved in the strategic direction and product development and messaging of Seratopical by SeraLabs," she told PEOPLE in December.

The Big Little Lies star added, "It was important for me to be aligned with a company that was female-founded, solution-based and whose first priority was to create safe, high quality anti-aging, pain relieving and ultra-hydrating products where all women and men from all walks of life were considered in the development."

nicole kidman
Nicole Kidman. Marc Piasecki/WireImage

The partnership also made sense given Nicole's masseuse experience.

"I'm also a masseuse," she told Byrdie in November. "I know, people are shocked by that."

"It's an interesting story because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 45, I was 17, and I became a masseuse and did a course because we couldn't afford for her to get massages after her chemo and her radiation," Nicole explained at the time. "We didn't have enough money. So I learned to give massage."

"And then I really fell in love with giving massage," she added.

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