Nico Tortorella Shows Off Enormous New 'Line' Tattoo That Goes from Neck to Heel

Nico Tortorella showed off their latest ink, a full-body artwork inspired by their spouse, Bethany C. Meyers

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Nico Tortorella is flashing some fresh ink.

The Younger star, 33, showed off their new body art in a video included in their Instagram Story Friday, revealing their "version of a line tattoo," which stretches all the way from the nape of Tortorella's neck down to their foot.

The new tattoo begins with a thin black line at Tortorella's hairline, which then grows into a thicker, abstract design in between their shoulder blades. As the tattoo continues down Tortorella's body, it morphs into multiple delicate lines, which carry from their hip down to the back of their leg before forming a solid black cross on their calf.

Tortorella's new addition then blends into another artwork on their leg and ends with a singular line that stops at their heel.

Nico Tortorella tattoo
Nico Tortorella/Instagram

"Inspired by the one and only @bethanycmeyers," Tortorella wrote under their video, tagging their spouse, who has a similar line tattoo.

Along with the full-body footage of their tattoo, Tortorella also included a photo of their new ink, writing, "We love a freehand outline" and tagging tattoo artist @fcknrx, who shared their own photos of the star's new body art on Instagram.

"Floor to ceiling geologism for nico, thank you so much for your trust and endurance 🙏🙏," the tattoo artist captioned the photo.

In an Instagram post, Tortorella thanked the artist writing, "Their work is mind blowing and our conversations yesterday were equally as healing. Thank you for taking on this project. and thank you for reminding me that growth and decay are inevitably one in the same."

The new ink joins Tortorella's already impressive collection of art, which includes dozens of designs all over their body. Tortorella told TODAY Style in 2017 that they have "too many [tattoos] to count."

"If I wasn't a full-time actor, I think I would be fully covered. I get tattoos all the time," they said. "My agents want to die. They gave up hassling me a long time ago. The art of tattoos, historically, is one of the most sacred practices. I'm really strongly connected to the ancient practices of tattoo work — not just, 'Oh, it's cool to get tattoos now.' "

And for Tortorella, life imitates art. The actor played Josh, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, for seven seasons on TV Land's hit series, Younger. The show wrapped for good this spring, but Tortorella said they took an important lesson from the series with them: "To lead with love."

"I think that that's really what Josh taught me more than anything, and what this show has taught me," Tortorella told Hidden Remote in June. "I think what [creator] Darren [Star] has always done such a good job doing, is he's living in the perpetual optimism, his joy."

Tortorella added, "Politically, socially, we have been through a lot, and we've always had Younger to lighten the mood. I think that is an important sentiment to take with you every single day, like find your 'younger.' It's there forever."

"Whenever you may be having a hard time, there is something that exists that can reframe the situation. We all have access to that," they said. "That's kind of the meaning of life."

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