October 02, 2012 02:00 PM

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Nicki Minaj has tried almost every color of the rainbow on her head — from pink and purple to green and everything in between — but she doesn’t do it for shock value. As it turns out, she has a bit of an addiction.

“I get tired of things quickly,” Minaj, who recently released her first fragrance, Pink Friday, tells PEOPLE. “I love change when it comes to my look … I need a new fix. It’s like a high to me — every time I change my hair it’s a high.”

Hair aside, Minaj is constantly reinventing herself through clothing, too, experimenting in head-to-toe leopard ensembles and a stuffed animal adorned dress, among other looks. But she might wear something even more out-there (yes, it’s possible) in the near future. “Maybe next year I’ll just walk around in a space suit and call it a day,” she shares (seriously!).

The rapper reveals that it takes “about an hour and a half” to get camera-ready, which she actually considers time wasted. “I find every bit of [getting ready] annoying … I don’t like sitting around. I like being busy,” Minaj explains.

But seeing her final over-the-top look usually justifies the hours spent creating it. “[I love] when I go from zero to 10 and everybody sees 10 — even my stylists never know what I’m wearing,” she shares. “I’ll say, ‘Bring me a whole bunch of clothes,’ and I’ll go in and put stuff together … I don’t love sitting there and getting makeup done. But afterwards it’s like, ‘Yay, we created a new doll today.'”

To read more of Minaj’s interview, pick up the Oct. 8 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now. Tell us: What do you think of Minaj’s style? What should she wear next?

–Jennifer Cress, reporting by Jackie Fields


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