The actor would like to thank his abs for all their career help

Nick Jonas has totally stepped out of his brothers’ shadows. The former boy-bander has a successful solo career, a new show and has become quite the model, reinventing Mark Wahlberg’s famous crotch grab for Flaunt magazine and showing off his super-toned obliques in the process. Now the star is featured in a 6-page fashion spread in GQ‘s February issue. This time, however, he’s clothed (in some sharp menswear), but he does grab his junk again — while wearing a $3,500 Giorgio Armani suit.

Nick Jonas GQ suit

Peggy Sirota/GQ

When asked if he ever gets jealous of all the attention his abs receive, Jonas explains that he’s actually grateful.

“You know, what? If my abs drove them to the music and got them to access the other projects I’m doing, it’s all good. It’s all worth it,” he shares.

He also opened up about shedding his “boy celebrity” image. “I think that this stage in my life is really, for a lot of reasons, pretty incredible. Being a solo artist and trying to take these bold steps on my own.”

Now the only difference is he can’t blame things on his older brothers. “It’s definitely a lot more on your own, taking on all the responsibility,” he explains, adding, “I think anytime that you push yourself, it’s more rewarding. It makes being on my own that much sweeter.”

What do you think of Jonas’s breakout as a solo star? Do you credit his abs for his fame? Share all your feelings below.

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–Brittany Talarico